Weed Control

Lawn Mowing Trolley

Cide is a Latin word derived from caedere, which means to kill.  The Latin root word of the herb is herba, which was used to describe crops, grass, and plants.  Put these 2 words together and you get herbicide – to kill plants.  Trained in horticulture, we believe in co-existing with the environment.  The last thing we want to do is use herbicides to maintain a pristine garden.  Johns Creek Landscaping approaches weeding from an organic standpoint.  Landscapers are trained to use basic mechanic techniques when ridding lawns of pesky weeds.  Gentle chemical herbicides are utilized upon request.



When working in a healthy environment, your supervisor may conduct a periodic evaluation.  These evaluations determine promotions and advancements within the corporate structure.  If you’ve been doing a wonderful job, there will be areas that you have been soaring in and 1 or 2 that are open for improvement.  You may not be aware of these shortcomings but identifying and naming them will ultimately serve you in the long run.  The same can be said for your garden.  It’s important to inspect and identify where your landscape thrives and where it can be assisted.  We make sure to walk your property before devising a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Comprehensive Treatment Plans


Johns Creek Landscaping does not operate like most landscaping companies.  Our competitors arrive and immediately begin cutting your lawn without inspecting it.  Your lawn could be dry and brittle but as long as they run the mower over your landscape they paid.  That’s all they care about.  If they happen to see a weed, they’ll spray it haphazardly.  Our landscapers love what they do and look forward to viewing the progress week after week as they return.  After inspecting your lawn, we meet with clients to propose a treatment plan.  After we have had a meeting of the mind, the landscaper will devise a comprehensive treatment plan that allows your greenery to thrive.

Corn Gluten Meal


When it comes to using herbicides, we are very cautious.  Many of our clients have small children and pets that will be negatively affected if they come into contact with toxic weed killers.  Not to mention, most people are allergic to these chemicals designed to kill vegetation.  Corn gluten meal has long been used as a pre-emergent herbicide that is less toxic than conventional products.  It is a byproduct of corn syrup and has been used for over 20 years successfully.  It is applied at 20 pounds per square foot.  It is preventative for seeds only and also fertilizes the grass. 

An Old Fashioned Approach


The difference between Johns Creek Landscaping and other local contractors is that we love what we do.  Love is palpable in each leaf, blade of grass, and precise detail executed.  We take an old fashioned approach.  If we spot a weed, it is pulled up from the root.  The landscaper will ensure that nothing is left to germinate.  When we are able to get out ahead of the problem, we can control it.  There are times when a landscape has been neglected for years and an aggressive approach is necessary.  It is during these moments that we consult directly with the client before executing a plan.