Landscaping Design Services

Beautiful Landscaping

Landscape design is not to be confused with landscaping or gardening.  It is an art form and an invaluable service that we provide.  Johns Creek Landscaping works in congruence with existing vegetation to create an oasis.  Beautiful spaces have a positive effect on the mind, body, and soul.  We transform yards into gardens, sore spots into realms of tranquility and relaxation.  Design services flow with architecture and surrounding spaces.  Our style is classified as organic.  We work with flora – not against it.  Enlist us to enhance your outdoor living space and augment your curb appeal.


Horticultural Finesse

Would you agree that some things cannot be taught?  You either have it or you don’t.  The same can be said about landscape design.  Sure, there are fundamental elements that can be learned in a classroom setting but communicating with nature and using one’s senses to listen and create magic is finesse.  Landscaping Design Services uses sight, touch, smell, and sound to render flora masterpieces.  We strike the perfect balance between man and habitat.  Clients are confident in our ability to adhere to their specifications, while also manifesting a plant environment congruent to the architecture and plant’s authentic nature.


Wish Lists

During the initial consultation, the landscape designer will inquire about your wish list.  If you don’t already have one – get ready.  You should know what it is that you cannot live without.  Those things are a must-have.  Go outside and walk amongst your garden.  What are the pain points?  How would you improve upon the existing organization?  What would you like to see and where?  Think about how you would like to experience your home.  We will sit down with you and flush out your ideas, concerns, and answer all of your questions.  Our works is a collaborative effort between the professional, the client, and vegetation.


Water Features

Maybe you call them waterfalls or water fountains, but in the design world, they are known as water features.  The reason why they are instrumental in rendering most outdoor concepts is that they mimic what is experienced in the most idyllic natural settings.  A manmade brook, stream, or waterfall is soothing to the ear and the vibration is felt throughout the body.  It has the power to transport you to another place.  A water fountain can make a statement or be an ornamental accessory to a home or place of business.  Water features improve outdoor experiences while also enhancing curb appeal.


Landscape Lighting

It’s the little touches that matter most.  Luxury is in the details.  When it comes to landscape design, we begin by meeting with the client.  Next, we take a walk around the property.  From there, we take the client’s notes and information garnered from the flora and commence conceptual development.  Once every shrub, tree, flower, stone, paver, and wall is in place, lighting is strategically installed to highlight the design.  Landscape lighting serves 3 purposes:  first, it draws attention toward design features.  Secondly, it lights pathways for safety’s sake.  Lastly, lighting adds a second layer of security.  We invite you to take a moment to peruse previous projects to gain a better understanding of our design style.