Lawn Seeding & Fertilization


Proper seeding, weeding, and fertilization goes hand in hand.  To guarantee the health of your lawn, we cannot do one without the other.  Johns Creek Landscaping specializes in lawn seeding and fertilization.  Contact us to fill in dry, bare patches.  Within 30 days new seedlings will have sprouted.  A dedicated landscaper will inspect your garden to determine areas for improvement.  We also seek to discover how it thrives naturally.  The goal is to ensure clients are happy and lawns are verdant and healthy.  Services are available for commercial and residential properties.  Contact us for a menu of services and rates.

Landscape Inspection


You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.  It’s important to inspect the property thoroughly before commencing any project.  We want to locate the hot spots and sweet spots in your lawn.  The landscaper will discover what worked and what didn’t.  If you’ve hired a service provider in the past and allowed them to treat your lawn without a proper inspection, you already know how disastrous that turned out.  Would you allow a doctor to treat you without reading your chart or conducting an analysis?  The same thing can be said for your greenery. 

Landscape Control


Most of what our clients prefer is not indigenous to the local habitat.  Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, and Rye grasses are the most popular Georgia varieties.  They require constant maintenance to yield the gorgeous landscape that you desire.  Tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are the same.  A dedicated landscaper can pull weeds and use pre-emergent herbicides when necessary.  Pre-emergents are herbicides that stops weeds before they have a chance to sprout and grow.  For lawns that have been neglected for long periods of time, post-emergents may be necessary.  Selective herbicides can be employed to target specific plants while leaving others untampered.

Landscape Prevention


Herbicides are often thought of as the foremost preventative method, but in actuality, fertilizers and hydration offer the best safeguard against lawn failure.  When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.  Before applying fertilizer, the lawn is cut and hydrated.  This ensures that the pores are open and ready to receive nutrients.  We like to think of fertilizer as vitamins for vegetation.  They provide the boost every lawn needs.  Later, we follow up with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.  A micronutrient pack is applied for superior results.  If necessary, the landscaper will apply an herbicide based on the unique needs of your greenery.